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Marine Consultant & Services

The growth of the marine industry, coupled with the growth in ports activity and recreation, has opened new panoramas in the marine industry for job seekers. The need for Marine Recruitment Agencies is on the rise for the requirement of skilled manpower of this sector. We maintain a string data base of qualified and experienced personnel who are pursuing a successful career in the industry.

With our capabilities to serve all sizes of organizations, from small firms to multinational blue chip clients in marine shipping and associated industries, we are responsible for recruiting some of the industry's finest talent.

Not only do we have access to the most qualified and experienced candidates but make our agency a most resourceful way to recruit professionals, considering the advertising costs and inordinate time spent on direct recruitment.

We have the expertise of handling manpower needs of all sizes of companies. The range of our services is really unmatchable. We are serving the smallest of the shipping or port-based companies to the giants in the maritime industry. We have the total know how of the functioning of the small as well as the large companies.

In this industry sector, we provide candidates for the various job openings in
  • Deck Department
  • Engineering Department
  • Steward's department
  • Marine Recruitment for Hotel and Restaurants
  • Marine Recruitment for Kitchen Staff
  • Marine Recruitment for Bar Staff
  • Marine Recruitment for Health Club

WePower is committed to imparting the following training in a consistent and concrete manner aiming at the satisfaction of the trainees in the area of their needs and requirements and that of the seafarers' employers, and meets the latest requirement of training:-

  • Marine First Aid Courses
  • First Aid Training Courses
  • Occupational safety Courses
  • Advanced Modular Courses
  • Basic Modular Courses